A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.
-Jill Scott-

fredag 7. september 2012

Sommerfugl i vinterland.

I left Denmark, but my project of becoming a butterfly did not
Stop....and I have come to realize that it will never stop! If I let them, and I try to let them!Every day is a new day and might bring a new color to decorate my wings... I feel so blessed! Am facing the world as an "adult" with all the right tools, friends and resources. I can do what ever I want, don't have a permanent job, but have a short time job for now, and it is exiting. Working within tv-production. Quite exiting! And I do learn a lot. About tv, humans, what we film and my self. And off cause about the concept of shooting and creating a show. Lots of hours is behind those 30min.

What I do appreciate the most is to see all the people we film, how they often turn troubles into joy, how they haven't had all the right tools but blossom when they are given them, and how they are slowly but surly transforming into really beautiful butterflies!!!!

I moved from a lonesome project to experience a joint project of becoming butterflies together!